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The Kolinahru Monastery was a structure that was located in the Gol province on Vulcan.

It rested on the high cleft on Mount Kolinahr at the highest peak in Gol. During ancient Vulcan history, the Kolinahru ranked amongst the most powerful as well as the most cruel of the adepts on the Vulcan home world. These dangerous mindlords were capable of killing an enemy by making their blood literally boil in their veins through the use of pyrokenesis. These dark acts which included mass mind control spawned dark legends that still existed on modern Vulcan.

However, during the Time of Awakening, Sanshiin who was the High Master of the Kolinahru became an adherent of Surak and turned his studies of the order away from the arts of war to the practice of perfect control over one's mind. In order to assist him in this task, Sanshiin crafted the Kolinahru's new retreat in the bedrock of the desert in order to render it a safe sanctuary from sandstorms and the intense heat after which he forbade any forms of advanced technology in its walls..

Inside this Monastery, the acolytes and adepts adopted a ascetic as well as simply lifestyle where they used oil lamps and quill pens instead of electricity or computers. They raised simple hand tended crops on a small sandy plot of communal land whilst they bathed in the natural hot water springs that lied beneath the monastery itself. Offworlders and Vulcan guests were both welcomed into the Monastery where they could rest and meditate in privacy but were required to leave any equipment such as handheld computers at reception whilst vehicles were left in a shelter kilometer and a half away.

A portion of the Monastery was not open to the general public which was where the Hall of Ancient Thought resided; a large subterranean chamber which was eternally gaurded by members of the Kolinahru order. There, the vre'katra's of former High Masters of the Order resided. According to legend, these vessels contained the ancient minds of ancient Kolinahru who, if disturbed, would not be pleased about their current surroundings or the changes that have befallen their order. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)

This contradicts Vulcan's Soul which shows the Hall of Ancient Thought residing at Mount Seleya, however, its possible this may be another similar chamber to the one at Seleya.


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