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Kolos was a Klingon lawyer. During his childhood, Kolos' parents, one a teacher and the other a biologist, told Kolos he should study law.


In 2152, Kolos was stationed at Narendra III. While there, Kolos defended Captain Jonathan Archer, a Human Starfleet officer, against charges of conspiring against the Klingon Empire.

Kolos and Archer

Kolos defending Archer in court

Kolos initially put up a weak defense as years of watching the Klingon justice system follow only the warrior code and not rules of justice had gotten to Kolos. Archer protested against the poor defense and eventually inspired Kolos to take on the government prosecutor. Kolos then brought forth evidence of Archer's contributions to the Empire and the magistrate commuted Archer's death sentence to life imprisonment on Rura Penthe. When Kolos protested this sentence, the magistrate sentenced him to a year on Rura Penthe as well.

Malcolm Reed later rescued Archer from Rura Penthe and offered Kolos the chance to leave as well, but Kolos had been inspired to try to change the Klingon justice system, a task he couldn't complete if he fled the Empire. (ENT episode: "Judgment")

In 2156, Archer once again saw Kolos, this time on Qo'noS. Archer's request for the Empire to enter the Earth-Romulan War had just been denied by the High Council, so Archer had little patience for talking. Kolos revealed to Archer that the Empire wouldn't be entering the war because it had entered a period of consolidation of its conquests and resources couldn't be spared for a war. Kolos then told Archer that the Council had only denied official support and more subtle forms of help would be provided.

For several years Archer wondered when the promised help would come. Then, in 2160, Kolos led a fleet of freebooters to the Battle of Cheron to assist Archer's fleet. The Klingons, along with forces under Shran, helped turn the tide of battle against the Romulans. During the fighting, Kolos's ship was destroyed, presumably killing him. (ENT novel: To Brave the Storm)

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