The Koloth class photon artillery is a hover support vehicle used by Klingon forces.

These vehicles would travel with Klingon Battalions where it fired adapted photon shells at a great distance. This made them an effective ranged assault as well as anti-tank vehicle. Due to its slow response, the Koloth is not suited for front line operations where it could easily be destroyed by enemy tanks. Its weak propulsion system made it a requirement in Klingon Empire tactics to field these craft behind Klingon battle lines where it would use its armaments to bring down the defenses of enemy installations.

The one disadvantage of the Koloth class artillery is an out-dated weapon system which requires this mobile artillery to stop before firing in order to get a target lock. This was where the vehicle was at its most vulnerable and required support from other vehicles within the battalion.

(TOS game: New Worlds)

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