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Kommandant Ghud

Kommandant Ghud (pronounced "Hud") was a scientist of diminutive stature from the planet Wyath.

Ghud was once an engineer on Wyath, he reconfigured to Wyath's planetary sensor array, resulting in the world becoming a hub for interstellar transport. He later rose to become the leader of Wyath where he used the sensor array once more, to track down and execute his political adversaries.

Ghud's polices as leader of Wyath resulted in the deaths of forty-seven million of his people and the destruction of the planet's ecology for his personal profit. He eventually fled Wyath to begin a life in exile, leaving his people to fall into civil war.

While in exile Ghud discovered the religion of The Light, which he converted too, become serene and at peace with himself and believing himself absolved of his crimes against Wyath.

Never the less Ghud was eventually captured and returned to Wyath to face trail for his crimes. He was transported to Wyath on the USS Enterprise-D where he was briefly allowed to leave the confines of brig when he volunteered to assisted in efforts to trace a missing shuttlecraft. (TNG comic: "Light of the Day")

Writer David Tischman originally considered making Kommandant Ghud's character a Tiburon, but decided to go for a new original species in the end. [1]