Konerko was a 23rd century Human female. By the late 2250s, Konerko was serving in Starfleet as a junior officer aboard the USS Farragut, holding the rank of ensign.

During the Farragut's mission to Tycho IV in 2257, Konerko was assigned to the bridge. Following an attack on the Farragut by a dikironium cloud creature, Konerko was the only person on the bridge that was left alive. Although not trained to operate the helm, Konerko was forced to assume the station to maintain the ship's orbit. After doing so, she successfully contacted Lieutenant James T. Kirk and informed him of the situation, before he came to the bridge and took over the helm. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

Konerko may have been named for Chicago White Sox first baseman and team captain Paul Konerko.


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