Kor, son of Kaltar was a Klingon warrior that led the House of Mur'Eq, father of Rynar, and grandfather to Rynar's son Kor.

At some point after the Qu'Vat virus was created Kor and the rest of his house were infected. The disease caused them to become QuchHa', after which Kor changed his house's name from the House of Kor to the House of Mur'Eq in order to remind people that his family was descended from Emperor Mur'Eq. (ST novella: The Unhappy Ones)

By 2165 Kor was a leader in the QuchHa resistance against the HemQuch. Along with General K'Vagh, son of Wor'maq he was perhaps one of the staunchest advocates for the QuchHa in the Empire.

After the destruction of the Ware by the HemQuch Kor and K'Vagh were forced to fight their Hem'Quch brethren by more traditional means. Kor and K'Vagh were subsequently invited to the High Council Chambers to parley with the council in November 2165 by the new Chancellor Khorkal. Khorkal ordered a duel to resolve the issues with the QuchHa'. Injured in battle against the HemQuch, K'Vagh was allowed to have a Cha'DIch fight for him. Kor was seriously considering fighting Councillor B'orel, who was leading the HemQuch persecution of the QuchHa'. Before he could volunteer Captain Laneth volunteered, and was able to defeat B'orel in combat. Kor joined K'Vagh in performing the Klingon death ritual for B'orel afterwards. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Live by the Code)

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