This page details a counterpart of Kor, son of Rynar in the Kelvin timeline; for Kor, son of Rynar in the primary universe see Kor, son of Rynar; for the Kor, son of Rynar in the mirror universe see Kor, son of Rynar (mirror).

Kor was a Klingon living in the 23rd century. He commanded the IKS Klothos as part of a battlegroup.


Kor managed to capture the Narada which had been crippled by the suicide run of the USS Kelvin and also captured Nero in 2233 of the Kelvin timeline brought about by Nero's temporal incursion. Kor also had Captain Richard Robau's body taken back to Qo'noS. (ST - Nero comic: "Nero, Number One")

Twenty-six years later, Kor was then sent to Phaedus IV to take the USS Enterprise back to Qo'noS. However, the Enterprise escaped, but Kor was pleased that Phaedus was now part of their growing empire. Following Capt. Kirk's capture of the rogue Section 31 agent, John Harrison, Kor was given command of a battle group composed of new untested D7 class battle cruisers based on the Narada. (TOS - Countdown to Darkness comic: "Number Four"; TOS - After Darkness comic: "Part 2")

Kor then captured the Enterprise landing party, including Captain James T. Kirk, at Khitomer in 2261. He then attacked the Enterprise believing it to be responsible for the massacre on Khitomer. Kor then contacted Kirk's first offier, Commander Spock, telling him thank for the great war to come. Kor then demanded the Enterprise's surrender or he would destroy them. As a proof his offer, he demonstrated the D7-class battle cruiser superior technology by beaming Dr. McCoy through their shields. After the Enterprise fled as he expected, Kor continued to brutally interrogate Kirk and the rest of the landing team. Kor was greatly impressed by Dr. Marcus's spirit when she spit at him. During his interrogation of Kirk, Kor refused beilieve that Kirk's actions with the rogue agent Khan were to avoid war with the empire. Kor saw it all as just a Federation plot. He also did not believe that Romulans were behind the attack, since they did not have the fire power to wipe the entire colony out. He then took Kirk and party to Qo'nos to a prison. Kor then stood by as Qo'nos came under attack by a Romulan/Section 31 attack force.

Kor then held Kirk and his party at gunpoint. Kor, still not trusting Kirk, tried to kill him first. Unfortunately, Kor was shot in the back by a Section 31 operative. (TOS - The Khitomer Conflict comics: "Part 1", "Part 2", "Part 3")


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