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The Shuttlecraft Kor was a standard Federation shuttlecraft vehicle, in Starfleet use aboard the Federation starship USS Aventine. The Kor was one of three shuttlecraft that were named for notable Klingons, this one in particular named for Kor, son of Rynar. Captain Dax had named the three small cargo shuttles after close Klingon friends.

The Kor carried an away team to Artaleirh in 2381, on a mission to deliver food supplies to the starving world. Commander Sam Bowers led the mission, which also included Lonnoc Kedair, Altoss and an emissary by the name of Professor Sonek Pran, who was hoped to make diplomatic contact with Empress Donatra. (ST - Destiny novel: A Singular Destiny)


USS Aventine auxiliary craft
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