Kora II was a planet in the Cardassian Union. The Cardassian Military Academy has a facility on the planet.


Elim Garak was sent to Kora II on a mission for the Obsidian Order at one point in his career. (DS9 novel: A Stitch in Time)

In 2347, Elias Vaughn, T'Prynn and Ruriko Tenmei travelled to Kora II to help Cren Veruda defect to the United Federation of Planets. They encountered Glinn Madred who was stationed there at the time. (DS9 - Mission Gamma novel: Lesser Evil)

Aamin Marritza resided there in the 2360s, from 2364 when he worked at the Military Academy. In 2369, just before he put his plan to impersonate Gul Darhe'el into effect, he boarded a Kobheerian freighter bound for Deep Space 9. After Kira Nerys discovered Marritza's plan to make the Cardassian people admit their guilt for what took place on Bajor during the Occupation, she told him that she had contacted officials on Kora II, who would help Marritza when he returned. Sadly, Marritza would never return to Kora II, as he was murdered by Kainon. (DS9 episode: "Duet")

At some point before 2409, Cardassian Self Defense Force officer Gul Antos participated in a battle against the True Way at Kora II. (STO mission: "Standoff")


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