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Koren, daughter of Grilka was the commanding officer of the Klingon Defense Force flagship IKS Bortasqu' in the 2400s.


Koren was born near the end of the Dominion War. Her father was J'nek, a warrior on her mother Grilka's ship who was killed in action after Koren's conception.

During her time at the Klingon Academy she became very close friends with another cadet, a commoner named Bo'roth.

By 2409 she had been made commanding officer of the IKS Bortasqu'.

On the Day of Honor in 2409 Captain Koren and her crew visited the Qo'noS system to take part in the festivities. (STO mission: "Day of Honor")

Along with her stepfather Ambassador Worf, Koren was part of the Klingon Empire's delegation to the Romulan Republic's attempt to activate an Iconian gateway discovered beneath the surface of New Romulus. She returned to her ship before the activation attempt and thus was not caught up in the ensuing entanglement with the Solanae. She subsequently commanded the Bortasqu' against an Elachi fleet during a battle in the Jouret system, alongside the USS Enterprise under the temporary command of first officer Commander Samuel Winters, and the RRW Lleiset under Commander Tiaru Jarok. (STO mission: "Sphere of Influence").

Koren later followed the USS Dyson through a space gate in the Solanae Dyson sphere and helped the Dyson and the other two flagships defeat an Undine fleet in the Jenolan Dyson sphere. Afterwards, she claimed the Jenolan sphere as property of the Klingon Empire, provoking an armed standoff with the other two flagships over possession of the sphere. Rear Admiral Tuvok was able to defuse the situation. (STO mission: "A Step Between Stars")

When the Undine launched a major offensive against the Dyson alliance in early 2410, Koren took the Bortasqu' to Earth to help fend them off. When Tuvok discovered the attack on Earth Spacedock was a diversion from the true Undine objective, Qo'noS, Koren returned to her homeworld to defend it. She spent most of the battle complaining that Starfleet had only sent a couple of ships to their aid, despite the fact that she had just been present to see a large portion of the service's reserve forces being obliterated. (STO mission: "Surface Tension")



Koren is voiced by Secunda Wood and first appeared in 2013's "Day of Honor". She was given an updated appearance, shown above, when she next appeared in "Sphere of Influence".

The identity of her biological father was revealed in 2014's "Day of Honor".


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