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Kori was a Human male in the 24th century, the son of Hommun, he lived on The Armada where he spent his time either working on the farms or schooling.

He had a brother, Cumin who had been accepted into Starfleet Academy, however, their father would not allow him to attend, as a result they became bitter, and resented their lives on the farms.

In 2365 Kori and Cumin found a Romulan torpedo, Kori used components from it to build a still to brew grain alcohol for his older brother. The torpedo was also laced with chroniton particles - Kori hatched a plan to use the chronitons to treat the crops and cause accelerated growth, giving he and his brother more free time. They took this idea to their father, who agreed, but then went further and sabotaged the chroniton formula to kill the crops, hoping the family would be forced to leave The Armada and find a new, more exciting, life elsewhere.

The plan was a success. So much so that Starfleet sent the USS Enterprise-D to investigate the crop failures. Data soon traced the chroniton contamination, but Kori was content to keep him and his brother's involvement to himself and let their father take the blame. Wesley Crusher, who had met the brothers and figured out what Kori had done, was not so happy to let the injustice pass and confronted Cumin. The two fought, and Crusher won, giving Cumin a black-eye in the process. Defeated Kori and Cumin then took responsibility for their actions and confessed what he had done to Captain Jean-Luc Picard. (TNG comic: "Space Seeds")

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