The Kornak were a group on the unnamed planet in an alternate universe visited by Doctors Julian Bashir and Elizabeth Lense in late 2376. The Kornak were a militaristic society, ruled by the Kornak Armed Forces, which became the dominant society on their world in the aftermath of the global Cataclysm. Following this conflict, they instituted a system of credits, which were earned by proving loyalty to the Kornaks, and were then used for food, water, housing, clothing, and medical care.

The Kornak also led in the development of biomedical technologies, such as organ transplants and artificial prostheses. They also, by 2376, were experimenting with the creation of artificial neural pathways, with the use of microelectromechanical machines. These developments, and the Kornaks' policies in applying them, were opposed by many, notably a group called the Jabari, who separated themselves from the rest of Kornak society and engaged in a guerrilla war to retain their independence.

In 2376, Julian Bashir ended up in Kornak custody after his runabout, the USS Missouri, broke apart in the planet's atmosphere and crashed. (SCE eBook: Wounds)

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