Kothaar was a Imperial Race Klingon male who lived in the late 23rd century.

He was born on Kolothos IX, and rose to become an intelligence officer with the rank of commander. He had extensive experience in intelligence activities close to the core Orion Colonies, and for that his superiors consider him a specialist in Orion affairs.

In the mid-23rd century, Kothaar conceived of a plot to use the Orion Colony world of Daros IV against the Federation, and pushed for the development of the "Daros Operation", with himself assigned to the Daros Liaison Team. He contacted Merkos Kerav of the Orion Kerav Family and promised him the Klingon Empire's assistance in unifying Daros IV under Kerav rule, beginning with developing a base of piracy to attack Federation shipping. In fact, Kothaar and the Klingons had little interest in supporting Kerav any more than they had to. They intended for him to launch pirate raids against Federation shipping and provoke Starfleet retaliation against Daros IV, a neutral world, soiling their reputation with other independent worlds and the Organians, and otherwise tying up Starfleet resources.

To this end, they imported high technology goods from the Empire, some of which was resold, while more went into the construction of an advanced pirate ship, the Morakos, and a fortified mansion at Skaroskar. Kothaar supervised activities from Skaroskar, where he had an apartment and office. One of Kothaar's Klingon agents was Lieutenant Kolor, who operated in the guise of a Klingon smuggler and imported many of the goods.

The operation continued for at least three years, until reference stardate 2/1410 (circa 2273), when Starfleet Intelligence agent Commander Michael Thorn came to Daros IV investigating rumors of Klingon activity there. Though Thorn discovered the alliance, he was captured by the Kerav Orions before he could fully report his findings. Kothaar interrogated and tortured Thorn for information for several weeks, until more Starfleet Intelligence investigators arrived in stardate 2/1412.

As this is an RPG adventure module, the official outcome is unknown, though a successful conclusion would see the Starfleet personnel uncover the Klingon interference, discover the Skaroskar compound, rescue Michael Thorn and escape.

At the time, Kothaar was aged 47, weighed 165 pounds and was 5'10" tall. Kothaar was unusual among Klingons for being cool and calm, and quite professional. He believed the success of the Daros Operation would bring honor, prestige and reward to both himself and to his Family Line. He was a talented interrogator and torturer, and believed it to be necessary and effective, though he didn't actually enjoy torturing captives. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)

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