Kowag, son of Varkal was a male Klingon physician who, as of 2376, was the doctor in charge of the Great Hall on Qo'noS.

Kowag authored a monograph shortly after Dr. B'Oraq's operation transplanting the arm of M'Raq onto his son, Klag, predicting the transplant would fail within four months. Five months later, he attended a talk by B'Oraq on the success of the procedure. However, he accused her before the Klingon Physicians Enclave of being a fraud, and led his colleagues in discommendating her.

Shortly after, Kowag was charged with examining the body of Stren, a KDF captain and brother to Councillor Kryan, who had crashed an aircar into the city of Novat. Kowag issued a report to the Klingon High Council stating Stren had died in the impact; B'Oraq challenged this finding, offering evidence that Stren had succumbed to T'Viad's syndrome and died prior to the crash.

Despite this proof of his incompetence, Kowag retained the support of many Council members, and was considered by Martok to be a potential threat to the newly-formed Klingon Medical Authority. (KE novel: A Burning House)

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