Kozik was a male Romulan who served as an officer in the Romulan Star Empire's Imperial Fleet in the 24th century.


In the year 2382, Kozik had achieved the rank of centurion and served as tactical officer of the Mogai-class IRW Dekkona. In April of that year, he was part of the Dekkona's mission to steal the quantum slipstream drive specifications from the Federation's Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

Soon after, Admiral Enellis Vellon arranged for Kozik to ascend to the position of executive officer of the Dekkona, and by August of 2382, he was in place as such. That month, following the engagement with the Starfleet starship USS Aventine near Breen Confederacy space, and the subsequent arrest of Commander Marius for his role in the slipstream drive theft, Kozik was given a promotion to the rank of subcommander and transferred to the IRW Vetruvis as first officer.

In late August or early September of 2383, the commanding officer of the Vetruvis suffered a fatal brain aneurysm while on the bridge and command passed to Kozik. Following another promotion by Admiral Vellon, Commander Kozik was officially granted command of the Vetruvis.

Two weeks later, Kozik allied with Denison Morad of the Cardassian True Way, Engineer Keln of the Breen Confederacy, and agents of the Tzenkethi Coalition, to obtain Dominion structural integrity field generators and deflector systems in order to create a workable slipstream drive for the True Way and the Typhon Pact. Using an artificial wormhole linked to the Bajoran wormhole generated by Tzenkethi scientists on the asteroid Vir-Akzelen, Kozik ordered the Vetruvis into the Gamma Quadrant. Utilising the Vetruvis's interphase cloaking device, the required technology was stolen from the Dominion world of Bronis II. Once back in the wormhole, the Vetruvis was prevented from returning through to Vir-Akzelen by Captain Benjamin Sisko and the USS Defiant, and then rammed by Vedek Kira Nerys aboard the runabout USS Rubicon, which caused the warbird to explode. The forward hull tumbled through the Tzenkethi wormhole and impacted on Vir-Akzelen, destroying them both, and killing Kozik and his crew. (Typhon Pact novel: Raise the Dawn).

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