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"I fought for Humanity! Lost millions to the Xindi and Romulan wars. And for what? For the Federation?! To sit me in a captain's chair and break bread with the enemy!"

Krall was an apparently alien warlord in the Kelvin timeline. However, Krall was once Balthazar M. Edison, a former MACO major and Federation Starfleet captain of the USS Franklin, and a Human by birth (his reptilian appearance was due to a life-extension technology he used). He was then listed as "Missing In Action". (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)


Born in the 22nd century, Balthazar M. Edison entered United Earth's Military Assault Command Organization. He rose through the ranks, becoming a Major in the 2150s and served under Captain Ginwald. Edison fought against both the Xindi in the Xindi incident, and then the Romulans in the Earth-Romulan War of 2156 through 2160 becoming a Colonel under the command of Captain Pine.

A year after the war ended, the United Federation of Planets was formed. At that time, the MACOs were absorbed into Starfleet. Edison was given a Starfleet commission of Captain, and in 2161 was assigned to command the USS Franklin – which had been the first Starfleet vessel to reach Warp 4.

What Starfleet did not realize was that Edison harbored deep resentment over being put out to pasture. In 2164, the Franklin was displaced by a wormhole in the Gagarin Radiation Belt and crash landed on the planet Altamid. He, Anderson Le, and Jessica Wolff were the only survivors. By 2165, Edison and the others came to believe that Starfleet and the Federation had abandoned them when their distress signals went un-answered. Descending into madness, he and the other survivors came to despise the Federation for its policy of peaceful cooperation with its enemies. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

Kelvin timeline[]

"You'll probably never see me again. But if you ready."
Edison's final log entry[src]

On Altamid, Edison and the other survivors found technology left behind by the planet's previous inhabitants. Among the technology were ships, a drone workforce, and a technology that prolonged life. Together, Edison and the survivors used the drones and their ships to capture alien ships that entered the Necro Cloud nebula near Altamid. When Edison and the others started to "drain" the alien crews to survive, their bodies were mutated. Edison then renamed himself Krall.

Krall fighting Kirk

During this time, Krall found a piece of ancient weapon, known as the Abronath. He then searched for the next century for another piece of it, in order to use it against the Federation. During one of his attack, Krall then took a ship that had Jaylah, her sister Keelah, and her father aboard. He then had them brought to his base. There, Krall, Manas and his drones then took Kellah for their energy transference. (TOS - Boldly Go comic: "Issue 5"; TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

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MACO/Starfleet service record[]

Location/Event assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
Boot camp CO c.2153 Major
MACO logo.png
Xindi War Soldier 2153-54 Colonel
Maco- Col.jpg
Earth-Romulan War 2156-60
USS Franklin CO 2161-2164 Captain Franklin Patch.jpg Cmd capt 2160s.png


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