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Krax was a male Klingon in the 23rd century. He served in the Imperial Klingon Defense Force as an officer aboard the IKS Kandar under Captain Kodrash.


In 2273, Krax was part of a five-man landing party which visited Forma VI to locate replacement dilithium crystals for their ship's depleted warp engines. Krax reported to first officer Koth. But neither the Human colony nor a depleted dilithium mine yielded any crystals.

When the USS Enterprise arrived in orbit, Koth and Krax were ordered to spy on the Starfleet officers to see if they might lead them to the crystals. Krax boasted that he could probably kill the Humans with his disruptor from an extreme distance in the forest. While Koth watched with binoculars, Krax operated surveillance equipment, listening in as Arcturian mining engineer Taskul described new methods to locate any crystals left in the mine.

Although the mine turned out to be empty, Hikaru Sulu found dilithium aboard a decades-old Klingon wreck a few kilometers away. Krax and his fellow Klingons traveled downriver to the wreck by boat, but were intercepted and captured by Starfleet security guards. James T. Kirk returned Krax, Koth and the others in a travel pod. Captain Kodrash thought the pod contained a bomb and destroyed it, killing Krax, Koth and three others. (TOS comic: "Dilithium Dilemma")



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