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Kreel was a male Human pirate in the late 23rd century, the first mate of the starship Windjammer under Captain Black Jack Nova.

In 2268, USS Enterprise officers James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy and Montgomery Scott went undercover as pirates on a mission to contact Nova and recover a stolen dilithium shipment. They found him and Kreel in a tavern on Tortuga VI, where Kreel's praisings of his captain were interrupted by insults from Scott, resulting in a fight with Nova's crew. After the Starfleet officers won the fight, Nova hired them as crewmembers.

En route to Taos IV, the location of the dilithium, Kirk witnessed Kreel spying on Spock and Scott, who were discussing their mission. Before he could reveal this to Nova, Kirk beat him to it in order to divert attention away from himself. Kreel later accompanied Nova and his crew to the planet's surface, where they attempted to dig up the buried dilithium, but were instead captured by an Enterprise landing party. (TOS comic: "The Flight of the Buccaneer")

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