Krek was a Klingon officer who commanded the IKS K'Tang in the early 2370s.

History Edit

In 2370, Krek was ordered to take the K'Tang into the Gamma Quadrant on a scientific mission. Following stop-off's on Keltara and Caldonia III, Krek ordered the K'Tang into an area known as "the Abyss" after hearing rumors of starships which never return, in the hopes of facing a battle in the area. He then sent a report to Chancellor Gowron.

Shortly after the K'Tang's arrival in the region the vessel was attacked by what appeared to be a Cardassian Galor-class warship. Before his ship was destroyed, Krek managed to dispatch a message buoy to the Alpha Quadrant informing the Klingon Empire of the Cardassians attack. However, it was later revealed that the Romulans were behind the attack. (DS9 - Hearts and Minds comic: "Prelude").

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