The Krenim Coalition was an alliance of Delta Quadrant species. Formed in the year 2410, the Coalition comprised most of the species that had been affected by the Vaadwaur Supremacy onslaught of the Krenim Imperium. The Coalition included the governments of the Krenim, Mawasi, Zahl and Nihydron species.

These species abandoned their former differences in favor of creating a unified front against not only the Vaadwaur, but also the threat posed by the Iconians. For that reason, the members of the Coalition allied with the Alpha Quadrant Alliance, with whom they shared several technological equipments and starships on an attempt to end the devastating war with the Iconians.

During the Vaadwaur Supremacy's assault against the Krenim Imperium, the Zahl provided assistance to Krenim refugees and opened a planetoid in the Zahl system itself for their use. Alongside the hidden planet Kyana Prime in the Kyana system, these where the only two known sites still containing Krenim survivors from the Vaadwaur purge. (STO video games: Delta Rising, The Iconian War)


planet/system state species admitted notes
Krenna/Kyana Prime Krenim Imperium Krenim 2410 Ally of the Zahl from 2360-2410. Founding member.
Mawasi 2410 Founding member.
none Nihydron 2410 Founding member.
Zahlna II Zahl Regnancy Zahl 2410 Ally of the Krenim from 2360-2410. Founding member.

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