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Commander Kring was a Klingon officer serving in the Imperial Klingon Defense Force in the 23rd century. By the 2260s, Kring was serving as commanding officer of a D7-class battle cruiser.


In 2268, Kring took his ship across the Klingon Neutral Zone after they picked up a distress call from the Federation mining colony on Angrena. Kring viewed this as an opportunity to "liberate" the colony's tritanium deposits. Unfortunately, Kring didn't reckon on Captain James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise responding to the same distress call.

After detecting the Enterprise in orbit of Angrena, Kring had his cruiser hidden behind the planet's moon and proceeded to beam down to the surface with a heavily armed landing party which were then engaged in a pitched battle with Starfleet security officers. Just as Kring and Kirk were about to face off against one another, the ground beneath their feet collapsed and they were both sent plummeting into the mining shafts below.

Unable to contact his ship, Kring had no choice but to make his way back up the levels of mining shafts to the surface. Upon reaching Section 23, Kring once again encountered Kirk and they began to square off against one another when they were interrupted by a large Jeru. Putting their differences aside, Kring and Kirk were able to kill the Jeru and make their way back to the surface.

Upon arrival, Commander Spock was prepared to take Kring into custody along with the rest of his landing party, but against Starfleet Directive 072, Kirk let Kring and his party return to their ship.

After arriving back in Klingon space, Kring faced a tribunal to discuss his actions on Angrena. Unfortunately, false testimony by Kring's first officer suggesting that Kirk allowed him to return to act as a Federation spy meant that the tribunal had no choice but to execute Kring by attacking him with painstiks at full intensity. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Uchu comic: "Art of War")



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