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Doctor Krisp was a 23rd century Human woman, a member of Starfleet assigned to the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the 2260s decade. She was a scientist serving in the operations division.


Krisp was a senior scientist assigned command of projects by Federation authorities. She was intellectually curious and an expert in human biology and genetic adaptation. She was familiar with the operation of the anti-freeze uniform used in arctic conditions. In addition, she was fully qualified to run a psycho-probe to assess trauma caused by brain tampering or severe shock. She wore a non-standard red operations shirt with a black skirt.


In the year 2266, Krisp was the senior scientist in charge of the Mila Xa project, assigned by an authority above that of James T. Kirk. Krisp briefed Kirk's staff on the history of the famous asteroid and its role as a memorial to Emperor Muro III's great love for his bride, Saeena. When Mila Xa Investigator Nordyke reported, Krisp and Kirk both saw that the man had memory loss. After giving him a psycho-probe, Krisp insisted that she accompany Kirk and his landing party to Mila Xa. She and Kirk discovered 319 skeletons, which Krisp determined were more than 100 years old and none had died from violence. Later she found a false panel which helped the landing party escape capture. She panicked during their escape and later apologized for “losing her head.” (TOS comic: "The Haunted Asteroid")

Krisp was intrigued by the paradox that a Federation species with a human metabolism could evolve in arctic conditions on Floe I, and asked to join a landing party. She learned that the inhabitants had evolved in a warmer climate, but as it cooled they developed a protective carapace that could be grown when cold, then expelled when warm. She and Spock were captured and left for dead with a tortured group of racially-profiled Floes who had not adapted. She thought she could help by finding a mutation-speeder serum used by the ruling class and distributing it to everyone. Krisp triggered a revolt by prompting slaves to retrieve the serum at an opportune moment. Unfortunately, it was for naught, as the planet’s orbit had gone so far away from its sun that the civilization was in its final days. (TOS comic: "Ice Journey")



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In the early era of Star Trek comics, Doctor Krisp and Manning were the only recurring Enterprise crew introduced for the Gold Key comic series, with Krisp being the only one given any consequential dialogue and relevance to the plot. The concept of shipboard characters unique to the comic series was not further expanded until the 1970s and early 1980s, in the UK and US comic strips and the DC Comics series, when a number of recurring characters were introduced.

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