Krozek was a male Klingon who served as a Councillor on the Klingon High Council in the 2370s. He was an ally of Doctor Kowag, and presented Kowag's postmortem report on the death of Captain Stren to the Council while Kowag went targ hunting. Ironically, it was also Krozek who granted B'Oraq permission to examine Stren, as it was her contradictory report that led to the dissolution of the Klingon Physicians Enclave. (KE novel: A Burning House)

Despite Krozek's political leanings, when the High Council was confronted with sensor readings of the USS Ranger sacrificing itself for the planet Khitomer against the invading Borg Collective in 2381, he pledged support in the conflict against the Borg. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

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