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The Ktarians were a sapient humanoid civilization native to the world of Ktaris, also sometimes known as Ktaria, and have had diplomatic relations with the Federation, being members at least by the 2370s decade, and its predecessor the Coalition of Planets since at least the year 2155. (ENTepisode: "Demons")

History and specifics[edit | edit source]

The homeworld of the Ktarian civilization is the planet of Ktaris located in a sector of the same name just beyond Starbase 25. They have had diplomatic relations with the Federation and its predecessor state the Coalition of Planets since at least 2155 when they sent delegates to the first coalition talks on Earth in that year.

Ktarian burial rituals happen on Ktaria VII, Katarians lay thousands of stones around the tomb of the deceased each representing a special prayer. the removal or displacement of one of these stones is considered a desecration of the burial site (VOY episode: "Emanations")

Alternate timelines[edit | edit source]

In the Kelvin timeline, Ktarians were known to the Federation by the 2250s decade. In the year 2255, Doctor Leonard McCoy had a nightmare where he had to treat streams of patients, including Ktarians, all by himself. (TOS - Starfleet Academy novel: The Assassination Game)

Biology[edit | edit source]

Full blooded Ktarians are humanoid in form with foreheads made up of two large bony hemispheres bisected by bone like ridges ending at the top of their noses. Female Ktarians have scales on their mammary glands designed to protect them from the incisors that erupt from their young after three to four weeks. Full blooded Ktarians have horizontal goat like pupils and irises in at least the color yellow. (TNG episode: "The Game" ,VOY episodes: "Deadlock", "Mortal Coil").

Ktarian Human hybrids lack both the horizontal pupils and the bony foreheads in favor of a range of small exo-cranial horns running down the middle of their foreheads. A rare complication in the gestation of Ktarian Human hybrids is a sudden shifting of the fetus resulting in the lodging of the exo-cranial horns in the uterine wall which can result in internal bleeding if not corrected. fetal transport is the correct manner of delivery to avoid nerve damage in the child or mother following this complication. A small complication called Hemocythemia, or Hempcythemic Imbalance, can result from fetal transport where the osmotic pressure of the fetus's cell walls become unstable but can be corrected with osmotic pressure therapy. (VOYepisode: "Deadlock")

Ktarians grow at a much faster rate then most humanoids with Naomi Wildman, a Ktarian Human Hybrid, entering Starfleet Academy at age 9 or 10 instead of the Human age of 18. (VOYnovel: Full Circle)

Culture[edit | edit source]

The Ktarian glaciers were a popular ski destination. (VOY: "Macrocosm")

Ktarian Culinary dishes popular in the Federation included:

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