Ktarian chocolate puff

A Ktarian chocolate puff

Ktarian chocolate puff was a type of dessert food made by the Ktarians, a favorite of Deanna Troi, containing seventeen varieties of chocolate.

In 2370, Ktarian chocolate puff was amongst the desserts served at a reception for the visiting Iyaaran delegation on the USS Enterprise-D. It was the first dessert the Iyaaran Loquel ever sampled, much to his delight. (TNG episode: "Liaisons")

Later that year, knowing it was Deanna's favorite, Worf had Will Riker deliver one to her quarters whilst he made his way there with a bunch of flowers. (TNG comic: "Strategy")

In 2377, the Doctor, whilst in the possession of Seven of Nine's body, ate three servings of the dessert. (VOY episode: "Body and Soul")

In 2385, Altek Dans suggested to Ro Laren that he could order a Ktarian puff for her from the replicator. (DS9 novel: Ascendance)

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