Ku'Vel'Di was a location on Vulcan and was in the Khomi province.

This was one of the only attractions in Khomi and its name translated from Vulcan to mean "Pleace of the Fallen". It was a large complex which was present at the Llangon foothills where it was set up as a research center by the Vulcan government and the Sarek family in order to study ways of treating Bendii syndrome. The facility was also tasked with caring for those elderly Vulcans that were suffering from it in order to give them a chance to live and eventually die with dignity. The concept of the Ku'Vel'Di came into being from Sarek's third wife, Perrin who was determined to ensure that no other Vulcan suffered from the disease after seeing her husband Sarek lose his very selfhood with no assistance or even acknowledgement from his government.

In the beginning, the government attempted to simply ignore her but this made the Human only more determined. In time, it became clear that a public debate was starting to form on the subject matter over what was considered a private affair. As such, the government relented and agreed to help fund the research center. The Ku'Vel'Di was not simply tasked with finding a cure for Bendii syndrome but also providing aides for those who had the disease. These aides helped the sufferers in maintaining the control of their minds for as long as possible. A number of these aides were even human volunteers due to the fact that many Vulcans largely prefer to avoid contact with those suffering from Bendii syndrome. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)

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