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Kubus Oak was a Bajoran male and the Minister from Qui'al.


In 2318, his family had dealt with the Cardassians numerous times and Oak was a large proponent of greater contact and interaction with them. He convinced Jas Holza that this was the correct course of action and used Jas to forward his agenda.

In 2323, Kubus was still forwarding his agenda and had largely discarded Jas, instead directly arguing for expansion of the Cardassian role himself in the Chamber of Ministers. He also advocated sending a reprisal fleet against the Tzenkethi who were believed to have carried out the bombing of Cemba Station. This fleet was destroyed and Bajor was then attacked, so Kubus argued for the establishment of a Cardassian naval base in the Bajor system and was successful.

In 2328, Kubus supported the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor and had relations with Rhan Ico, an agent of the Obsidian Order. Shortly after the occupation began, Kubus was sworn in as the Secretary for Planetary Affairs. He served in that position for the entirety of the Occupation. (TLE - Terok Nor novel: Day of the Vipers)

In 2370, after the Occupation had ended and Kubus was sent into exile by the Bajoran Provisional Government, he returned to Bajor and was immediately arrested aboard Deep Space 9 by Constable Odo. This arrest was authorized by the Ilvian Proclamation, which declared that any member of the Bajoran Cooperative Government should be arrested. Kubus was only saved when Winn Adami granted him sanctuary on Bajor because he had circumstantial evidence that implicated Bareil Antos in the Kendra Valley Massacre. (DS9 episode: "The Collaborator")



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