Kudak'Etan was a Jem'Hadar in the service of the Dominion, and was among the first Jem'Hadar born and bred while in the Alpha Quadrant. The "Alpha Jem'Hadar" were a new breed of Jem'Hadar troops with genetic profiles the Founders and Vorta considered "superior" to the "Gammas" (original Jem'Hadar made in the Gamma Quadrant and brought through the Bajoran wormhole). Because of his genetic status, Kudak'Etan quickly replaced "Gamma" Ixtana'Rax as First after impressing Vorta Gelnon.

In 2374, during a brief respite in the Dominion War, Kudak'Etan and his detachment of Jem'Hadar were given their first mission: attack and capture the USS Defiant. After scouring the sector, Kudak'Etan found the Defiant conducting experiments in a subspace compression anomaly, and as such, used the vortex's interference to shield his ship from interference and attacked the Defiant, and successfully captured it. Kudak'Etan elected for his men to remain on the Defiant while Gelnon take the attack ship to Coridan and launch a raid on its dilithium mines.

Because of their vulnerable position, and since the ship sustained damage during the battle, Kudak'Etan (against Ixtana'Rax's advice) reluctantly allowed Captain Benjamin Sisko and a handful of his officers access to the ship's systems for the purpose of repairing the damaged warp drive do Kudak'Etan could pilot the captured Defiant back to Dominion territory. Sisko and his officers were able to delay the repairs (because Sisko manipulated the mutual distrust between the Alphas and Gammas) long enough to rebel against the Jem'Hadar. Kudak'Etan was killed by Lieutenant Commander Worf as the Starfleet personnel retook engineering, and used its systems to incapacitate the rest of the Jem'Hadar and retake the ship. (DS9 episode: "One Little Ship"; CCG set: Blaze of Glory)

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