Kuldip was a 22nd century human male who lived in the Beta Rigel system.


Some time prior to 2164 Kuldip toured the Rigel system, and while in a First Families run casino on Rigel II he got deeply into debt. In order to save his life Kuldip agreed to perform work for them. By 2164 he was in charge of the Ryneh Shipyards in orbit of Rigel VI.

When the Federation starship USS Pioneer visited the shipyards to follow up on a lead regarding the kidnapped Samuel Abraham Kirk and Grev, Kuldip attempted to stall them in order to give a Grennex-class ship believed to be connected to the kidnapping time to escape.

Despite his interference the Pioneer was able to capture the Grennex intact and both its crew and Kuldip were arrested. In exchange for leniency from the Rigellian Trade Commission, Kuldip provided the Pioneer with all the information at his disposal. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)



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