The Kulinor class is a recent introduction within the Cardassian Union's fleet that was made with new advances in technology.

They were created secretly by military engineers in order to create a powerful battleship and were known as 'dark jewels' of the Cardassian fleets. They were heavily armed with phasers and protected by powerful shields allowing them to fight on the front line.

They were also outfitted with various new technologies such as a plasma cannon that was capable of firing shells onto planetary habitats and killing millions. They were also equipped with a shield harmonics disruptor that was designed to reduce the strength of enemy shields. This may have been a development after seeing the Breen energy dampening weapons during the Dominion War. The ships impulse engines could be enhanced during brief periods of time allowing the vessel to reach destinations quicker or escape battle. The final piece of technology seen on these vessels was a quantum singularity generator that would open a tear in space into another realm.

Unfortunately for many, this tear would open only into fluidic space, the home of Species 8472. Once a tear was open, it was common for a single bio-ship to get dragged through it and be trapped within the Milky Way Galaxy where, due to the xenophobic aggressions of its pilot, the ship would attack any that approached it.

(Star Trek game: Armada II)

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