Kuri was an officer in the Klingon Imperial Fleet during the 23rd century, commanding the IKS Klothos.

Biography Edit

Kuri was descended from Klingons who were afflicted with the Qu'Vat virus, resulting in his lacking the species' characteristic forehead ridges. (ENT episodes: "Affliction", "Divergence")

In 2269, the Klothos and the USS Enterprise became trapped in the Delta Triangle, passing into the realm of Elysia. To return to their dimension, both crews agreed to work together though the Klingons took the opportunity to surreptitiously plant a bomb aboard the Enterprise that would detonate once the craft reached Warp 8. As a result of Magen's psionic abilities, the Enterprise crew was able to eject the explosive in time and escape, prompting Kuri to swear revenge on the crew, Kirk in particular. (TAS episode: "The Time Trap")

Some years later, Kuri led his crew to attack a Federation mining outpost at Cygnus Seven only for their ship to be shot down by the colony's defences. Marooned on one of the system's moons, the Klingons came across a massive city that they believed to have been built by the Federation. As they investigated, the Decepticons, the city's actual owners, arrived and demanded the Klingons identify themselves. Once it became clear both parties loathed humans, Megatron invited Kuri to speak of his past with the Enterprise and proposed a mutually beneficial alliance. (TAS - Star Trek vs. Transformers comic: "Prime's Directive, Part One")

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