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Kyla VanZyl was a female Trill active in Federation Starfleet Intelligence in the early 25th century. (STO - Klingon War mission: "The Doomsday Device")


In 2409 VanZyl held the rank of lieutenant and was assigned to assist an operation by a Starfleet vessel to commandeer the B'rel-class bird-of-prey IKS Targ for use in the destruction of B'Vat's doomsday machine. (STO - Klingon War mission: "The Doomsday Device")

VanZyl was added to the mission when it was revamped in the Season 8.5 update on 30 January 2014.

By 2410 she had been promoted to lieutenant commander and was assigned to work in the Delta Quadrant under Rear Admiral Tuvok aboard USS Voyager. When Tuvok fought the Eric Cooper Undine inside a mind meld, she was duplicated inside the meld's version of Voyager, wearing a 2370s-era Starfleet tactical officer uniform. This engrammatic duplicate turned hostile and attacked Tuvok and an Allied officer. (STO - The Delta Quadrant missions: "Mindscape", "Alliances")

Engrammatic version of VanZyl.

Later that year VanZyl was on leave from Voyager aboard the shuttle Tereshkova, and detected odd readings in the Hobus system. After the other starship rescued her from a Romulan attack, VanZyl and the commanding officer entered Taris' asteroid base and encountered Empress Sela, who had recently escaped from Romulan Republic imprisonment and claimed to be trying to uncover the Iconians' plans for the Milky Way Galaxy. VanZyl soon turned on her companions, and upon being subdued was discovered to be carrying a bluegill neural parasite presumably incurred during the events in the Delta Quadrant. She was expected to make a full recovery. (STO - The Iconian War mission: "Uneasy Allies")



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Kyla VanZyl is voiced by Laura Bailey in Star Trek Online.

VanZyl is initially only known by her surname. Her given name is established in "Uneasy Allies".


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