The Kyraw were a sentient avianoid species that originated from their Class M homeworld.


The Kyraw were meter-tall corvid bipeds with blue-black feathers and semi-opposable claws on their wingtips.


The Kyraw were about Bronze Age level of development, migrating from island to island with limited wood and metal weaponry when the Ware first landed on their planet, setting up automated facilities.

As the Kyraw people realized to potential of these "temples", they begun to settle down around them, eventually founding cities and later empires. They constantly fought over the facilities and their gifts, despite the price in lives, asking for more and more advanced technologies and weapons they didn't really understood. Finally, many nations gained possession of weapons of mass destruction and used them against each other, reducing the Kyraw population to a few thousands scattered across the planet, sinking back to primitive levels. The survivors were barely able to live, as the weapons they used tainted the planet, killing most of the fish population, and they couldn't supply enough people to the Ware facilities to get any significant quantity of resources.

In May, 2165, the USS Pioneer arrived at the planet during their investigation of the origin and intentions of the Ware. An away team led by Lieutenant commander Travis Mayweather visited the Kyraw and Lieutenant Samuel Abraham Kirk recorded as much of their history as possible during their short stay. Kirk estimated that the Kyraw race won't survive another century. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)


The Kyraw were a avianoid species, so the periodically migrated from one island to another as the seasons changed, constantly searching for richer fishing zones and better roosting places.

Before the Ware technology and urbanization, the Kyraw lived in flocks that fought each other from time to time for territory, but what little metallurgy they mastered the rather invested into jewelry and trade.

The Kyraw used songs to honor their history and heroes. Their most significant figures include Chai-hawra who learned to use her wing-claws to sharpen sticks, and Mraak-twao who first tamed a native seaborne creature, the kwieekawn. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)


In their nomadic times the Kyraw believed in many deities, including the gods of sun and storms. However, after the arrival of Ware their beliefs faded and gave way for a single Goddess. The Kyraw loved and worshiped this Goddess who gave them many gifts in her with temples in exchange for their sacrifices.

After their holocaust, the Kyraw despised and feared the evil Goddess, but they relied on her gifts, although they accepted them more grudgingly. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)


After discovering the price of the Ware's gifts, the Kyraw people started to make sacrifices. Soon, the freshly formed Kyraw nations started to enslave each other and used those captured as tributes to the Goddess in the white temples. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)

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