The L'Dira were a spacefaring race native to the Alpha Quadrant. They are distinguished by their white fur, green eyes, and extended muzzles. They are also known as an impatient, tenacious, and aggressive race. The Vulcans had contact with L'Dira prior to the 2070s.

The L'Dira used acelon, a precious mineral, in much of their technologies. By the 21st century, they had exhausted the acelon supply on their homeworld and their solar system. Desperate for more supplies and unwilling to find an alternative, the L'Dira turned to piracy to obtain acelon.

In 2075, a L'Dira ship entered orbit of Trill, intent on obtaining acelon. However, due to translation problems and Trill's naturally isolationist tendencies, the L'Dira concluded the Trill were unwilling to negotiate, and fired on the planet, killing over fifty and stealing acelon from a processing plant in the capital city, Leran Manev. (DS9 - The Lives of Dax short story: "First Steps")

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