The LSS Concordium was a Lukari starship, a Type VII commercial laboratory in Lukari Concordium service in the 2410s decade. (STO - New Frontiers mission: "Echoes of Light")

History[edit | edit source]

The ship was launched at some point in or after 2405. (STO website: Ships of the Line)

By 2410, it was an old but serviceable Gorn starship. In that year, Ambassador S'taass gifted the vessel to Lukari Administrator Kuumaarke of space station Orbital, because political strife among the Lukari hampered the construction of their first exploration vessel. (STO - Reckoning short story: "Conquests")

Kuumaarke then recruited xenoarchaeologist Doctor Laarme as science officer for the then-unnamed commercial laboratory. (STO - Reckoning short story: "Calm Before the Storm")

The ship was renamed the LSS Concordium and launched with Captain Kuumaarke in command. On its first voyage of discovery, an Alpha Quadrant Alliance starship accompanied the Lukari explorers. Kuumaarke advised her allies that the Concordium had been upgraded with Lukari technology and AQA defenses. The Lukari modifications allowed the vessel to exceed warp 4. Among the discoveries made by the two vessels were a pod of Gekli, two Farpoint Cnidarians, the derelict Deep Space Station K-13, and the remnants of an extinct civilization on the third planet of 20 Draconis. The Concordium participated in a battle with DaiMon Madran and his Nausicaan mercenaries over the fate of the derelict station. (STO - New Frontiers mission: "Echoes of Light")

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