Laarin Andos was a female Rhaandarite serving as Director of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations in the late 24th century.

In 2270, 149 year old Andos was a clerk for the Federation Science Council, cataloguing the Council's past research into temporal physics. It was due to this work that she found herself assigned to the fledgling DTI in Greenwich as its most junior clerk, despite lacking any real qualifications in the area. Andos used her keen memory, problem solving skills and innate knack for social processing to rise through the ranks, assisting the Department as she did so.

At the age of 188 in 2309, Andos reached maturity and became a field agent for the DTI.

In 2331, she was promoted to Assistant Director of the San Francisco Branch Office and oversaw Starfleet's embroilments with temporal phenomena. While there, she also fostered the careers of Gariff Lucsly and, later, Marion Dulmur.

In 2369, Andos was promoted to Director of the DTI, bringing her back to its Greenwich headquarters. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

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