Lactra VII is the seventh planet in the Lactra system. It is a class M planet and the homeworld of the telepathic Lactran species. Two moons were visible from the surface.

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Lactra was located in the vicinity of Epsilon Scorpii, a Beta Quadrant star. A distortion layer in the Lactran atmosphere was difficult to scan through. Gravity was close to Earth standard. (TAS - Log Eight novelization: The Eye of the Beholder)

It had the indigenous name of Sessaline. Much of the planet's surface was terraformed and occupied by the interplanetary Lactra VII zoo. (ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation)

Its atmosphere appeared blue-black from space. (ST reference:


In 2269, the SS Ariel (survey ship/scout) surveyed Lactra VII. Three of its crew died on the surface and the remaining three went missing.

Six weeks later the crew of the USS Enterprise located Ariel abandoned in orbit and beamed down a search party. Enterprise and Ariel officers were caged in a Human zoo habitat in the Lactran city. (TAS episode: "The Eye of the Beholder")

Three Lactrans left the planet aboard the Enterprise on a quest to capture a continent-sized jawanda for the zoo. The starship returned two to three months later with one of these cosmozoans and placed it in a polar orbit around Lactra VII. (TAS - Log Eight novelization: The Eye of the Beholder)

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