Lahra Prime was a Class L planet, the innermost planet of the Lahra system, located in the Arawath sector of Zeta Andromedae sector block in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. (STO mission: "Patrol the Lahra System")

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Along with Lahra II it orbited closely around a B class star, and was considered too cold and mountainous to colonize before the Dominion War. However in 2407 the Cardassian Union began offering land grants to settlers willing to move to the planet.

In 2409 a passing starship detected unusual biological readings on Lahra Prime's western landmass and deployed an away team to gather samples. They discovered that somebody had managed to cultivate Capellan lilies on the planet, where all previous attempts to grow them off Capella IV had failed. They surmised that extensive topaline deposits were the cause. (STO mission: "Patrol the Lahra System")

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