Lale Usbor was a Bajoran male and politician.

In 2323, Lale ascended to the rank of First Minister of Bajor with the backing of Kubus Oak. He oversaw Bajor during major crises such as the bombing of Cemba Station and the attack on Bajor by a Tzenkethi marauder. Lale used the first crisis to send a reprisal fleet against the Tzenkethi who were blamed for the bombing and he used the second one to allow the Cardassians to gain a stronger hold on Bajor.

In 2328, Lale continued to support the Cardassians, and it was said he would stand down as First Minister in favor of Kubus. Later that year, after the Cardassians officially occupied Bajor, Lale was killed, supposedly by Oralian terrorists, and Kubus took over the government. (ST - Terok Nor novel: Day of the Vipers)

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