Lanier Wimmer was a male Human Starfleet living in the 23rd century.


In 2269, shortly after the Battle of Vanguard, Chief Petty Officer Wimmer reported aboard the Constitution-class starship USS Endeavour as the ship's Recreation officer.

After nearly 20 years as a security officer on four different starships (including the USS Lexington during Zhao Sheng's tour of duty as first officer and most recently aboard the USS Kongo), Chief Wimmer was in his late forties when he transferred to the medical department, believing that he was a little past his prime to continue serving in the security department. A licensed field medic and physical therapist, Chief Wimmer oversaw the Endeavour's recreation, physical fitness, and training facilities. He is proficient in four different styles of martial arts, including Jujitsu and Suus Mahna, and has competed in and won several marathons and martial arts tournaments. (Seekers novel: All That's Left)


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