For the mirror universe counterpart, see Lanz't Tholis (mirror).

The Lanz't Tholis was a Tholian starship in service to the Tholian Assembly in the 23rd century. It was wedge-shaped with tri-lateral symmetry, typical of Tholian ship design. It was powered by a matter-antimatter reactor and was heavily armed.

In 2266, the crew of the Lanz't Tholis were captured by the Shedai Wanderer while their ship was in orbit of Jinoteur IV. They were slaved to the Shedai's communications system, called the Conduit, in order to enhance it with their telepathic abilities. The commander and subcommander were among more than one hundred of the crew disintegrated by the Conduit when they resisted amplifying the Wanderer's voice. Dozens more were wounded.

After the crew were freed by Vanessa Theriault, Tim Pennington and the Shedai Apostate, the Lanz't Tholis assisted Theriault's ship the USS Sagittarius, and the Rocinante, to escape from an attacking Klingon Defense Force starship. (VAN novel: Reap the Whirlwind)




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