Chancellor Laraq was a descendant of the Garidian Followers of the Lawgiver Avatrunei and by 2370 the governor of Frigis. Like the Lawgiver, he also had made extensive studies of the Chodak culture, an alien civilization which left the planet long before the Garidians, and he was considered something of an expert in the translation of Chodak runes.

He contacted USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) which arrived over the planet. Inquiring Captain Jean-Luc Picard about his ship's weapon, Picard told him about the Starfleet which protects all of Federation space, including the Shonoisho Epsilon system. He even invited Laraq, if he wished, to apply for Federation membership.

Picard also told him the reason he was there: the Garidian reformers who hoped to use the Lawgiver's words to improve the society of Garid. Reluctant to allow Garidians on the planet, he decided to trust an away team led by William Riker who were investigating the legend of the Fifth Scroll. Being only in charge of the civil government, Laraq simply gave them permission to ask the leaders of the various religious sects.

Later, Laraq uploaded an Chodak/Garidian translator in the team's tricorders allowing them to operate a machine which held Aelont in a stasis field. After the discovery of the Fifth Scroll, Laraq bid the Enterprise farewell.

During the Romulan incursion, Frigis was attacked by Romulan forces and Laraq sought help of the Enterprise as an act of good faith, since the Federation protects its planets. When the Enterprise removed the threat, Laraq once more accepted representatives of the ship and told them about the Chodak technology, society and the Unity Device. He gave them an isolinear rod along with a Chodak data crystal which explained the role of the Chodak on the planet Frigis. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

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