Larhana settlement

Refugees on the outskirts of the Larhana settlement.

The Larhana settlement was a location on the contested Kradin-Vori planet, a most likely fake village used by the Vori Defense Contingent to indoctrinate potential Vori defenders into hating the opposing Kradin civilization.

History and specificsEdit

An unwitting conscript would be subjected to psychotropic manipulation at a satellite refuge for the inhabitants of Larhana, made to believe the village was under siege from marauding Kradin forces, scattering the population. After a potential soldier was infuriated by the simulated oppression of the Larhana people, they would be sent on actual missions against the Kradin forces on the world. The inhabitants and marauders around Larhana, consisting of photometric projections, would reset themselves for the next conscripts. (VOY episode: "Nemesis")



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