The Last-of-all-Cities colony on Darien 224

The Last-of-all-Cities was a colony on the planetoid Darien 224 founded by a group of Vulcans which crashlanded on the planet in the 3rd century.

The pre-Surak Vulcans brought with them natural Vulcan passion, and the knowledge of powerful psionic weapons which would be banned on Vulcan shortly after the colony was founded. The colony lived in isolation for two millennia until in 2254 it was discovered by the USS Cortez which was surveying the system. By this time the colony had fractured, the main colony led by T'Kell wished to return to Vulcan and reform it back to its true passionate form. Outside of the colony, a rogue group led by Tagok wished to remain in isolation. Tagok's group captured the Cortez, killing most of her crew.

Eight weeks later the USS Enterprise arrived to investigate the disappearance of the Cortez. The Enterprise crew quickly found themselves caught up in the Vulcans' feud. Matriarch T'Kell planned to have the starship deliver her people to Vulcan.

Determined to eliminate Tagok's group T'Kell elected to use the Vorl-tak, a devastating psionic weapon which harnessed the planet's gravitational field as a psionic amplifier. The Vulcans successfully destroyed the Cortez but in the process destabilised Darien 224, destroying the Last-of-all-Cities and the entire surface of the planetoid. (EV comic: "Cloak and Dagger")

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