The Lath were a subgrouping of the Gorn civilization. The Lath are characterized by ruddy skin color, and spiky black crest hair.

At some point in history, the Lath were encountered by the Worthy of Karimea. After being saved by the Worthy, the Lath considered themselves in the Worthy's debt, and wrote legends of the encounter. In particular, Catalano of the Worthy remembered saving members of the Lath group from the bug-beast of Traal.

At some point in his career, Captain James T. Kirk made the acquaintance of a Lath commander, Raaskaa. He recognized him when Raaskaa's starship attacked the USS Enterprise-A demanding a stop to joint scientific experimentation between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. (TOS - The Return of the Worthy comic: "Great Expectations!")

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