Lauoc Soan was a male Bajoran Starfleet crewman in the late 24th century.

After enlisting in Starfleet he went through security training, and befriended fellow enlistee Duglos Orna. During training, he displayed a tendency for taking on multiple opponents at once, and defying the odds of success. Following the completion of his training, he was assigned to the USS Abraxas. (CoE eBook: Troubleshooting)

Lauoc saw extensive action during the Dominion War. During that conflict, he was struck by a Breen neural whip, leaving a permanent scar on his face. (SCE eBook: Fables of the Prime Directive) Following the war, in mid 2376, he was transferred from the Abraxas to the USS da Vinci, one of several crewmembers replacing those lost at Galvan VI. (SCE eBook: Security)

Lauoc first appeared in SCE eBook: Orphans. His given name erroneously appears as "Saon" in Fables of the Prime Directive and Troubleshooting.
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