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Ensign Laura Herrada was a female human science officer who briefly served on the USS Enterprise before becoming Doctor Ganira Lewis's assistant at the Otari II outpost on Otari II. (TOS - Waypoint comic: "Come Away, Child")


At Starfleet Academy, Herrada's scientific studies focused on exobiology and xenoanthropology. She wrote her thesis on the matrilineal societies of the Dolgari.

In 2267, she was assigned to the Enterprise as one of its science officers under Commander Spock. He described her service as commendable.

She then accepted an assignment to the Otari II outpost to be Dr. Lewis's assistant in studying the Otarians. After two weeks on Otari II, Herrada confronted Lewis about study methodology that risked violating the Prime Directive, but a rare opportunity to interact with the subject population prompted the two to attempt a risky contact with the Otarians. During the interaction, a communications error by the universal translator threatened Lewis's life. Herrada readied a phaser aboard a nearby aquaprobe, but Lewis begged Herrada not to fire on the Otarians. Lewis was killed and her body incinerated in a bonfire, which prompted Starfleet to close the outpost. (TOS - Waypoint comic: "Come Away, Child")



  • Personal log, Laura Herrada


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