Laura Prescott, Ph.D., was a female Human and scientist in the 24th century.

Circa 2338, he became romantically involved with a fellow scientist named David Prescott. They were married in August of 2344.

The couple would take joint assignments throughout their careers, to avoid separation. For this same reason, they elected never to have children. One of their assignments was a three-year mission to a mining colony on Reganus.

In late 2367 or early 2368, while the Prescotts were stationed on planet Cygnus IV, they decided to be divorced. However, they had a change of heart after being exposed to an unknown pathogen. Both were cured of the infection, and maintained their resolution to remain together.

Laura Prescott's ID number was 466549J-C. (TNG - Strange New Worlds II short story: "Calculated Risk")

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