Lawrence Verdell was a Human male who served as an officer in the Federation Starfleet in the 24th century. He was the third born son of Admiral Hiro Lin Verdell.


Instead of following his dream to open a small Mediterranean restaurant, Verdell enrolled in Starfleet Academy at the behest of his parents.

He was a mediocre student, much to the disappointment of his father. After the Borg Invasion of 2381 many of his classmates were fast tracked in to service to fill up the positions felt vacant, but Verdell remained at the Academy to complete his last semester.

After his graduation in 2381, much to Verdell's relief, instead of an exploratory vessel, he was assigned to the remote Starbase 185 as the station's gamma shift operations officer with the rank of ensign.

On his first duty shift, Verdell detected a Caeliar ship on a collision course with the station. Initially he thought it to be a joke arranged by his new colleagues, but soon realized his mistake and tried to keep his panic in line during the incident and carry out his duties. After the pilot beamed aboard, and the vessel was destroyed before it collided with the station, Duty officer Hars Kaydn reprimanded Verdell for his behavior, who endeavored to carry on without being thrown out of Starfleet. (VOY novel: Protectors)



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