Laxala was the fourth planet in the Lexe star system, located in Federation space in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. It had no moons and was a class L world. It was formerly the site of an Orion colony, but later became a Federation world.

The world was once home to an ancient race, whose remains and ruins were well-preserved and considered an archaeological treasure. It later became an Orion holding, growing wealthy off its mines, but the Orions abandoned the world before the Four Years War (c. 2250s), leaving only some supervisory personnel behind. (FASA RPG - The Orions module: Book of Common Knowledge)

During the war, Laxala gave its name to the Laxala Incident of reference stardate 1/9504. (FASA RPG - The Orions module: Book of Deep Knowledge)

Later, during Starfleet's push toward the Klingon Empire, Starfleet Marines landed on Laxala and stayed until the war's conclusion. Afterward, the system remained under Federation control, and it was bought by private interests within the Federation merged into the Laxala Mining Combine, who reopened the profitable Orion mines.

In the late 23rd century, two archaeological research teams, one for the Federation and the other for a private university, were engaged in full-time study of the ancient ruins and remains. Frequent disputes arose between the researchers and the miners over archaeological sites situated over ore beds, and they weren't always resolved peacefully.

Though the miners had large mechanized loading docks and orbital facilities, landing facilities throughout the system and on Laxala remained primitive. Accommodations were also limited; visitors who weren't attached to the Laxala Mining Combine were left with plasteel huts that dated back to the Marine occupation during the Four Years War.

It had a technological/sociopolitical index of 999683-96 and a planetary trade profile of GACFDEE/A(X).

It had an arctic climate, a thin atmosphere and a 25-hour day. It had a total surface area of 339,794,650 square kilometers, with 100% land mass. About 33% of its makeup was normal metals, 3% was radioactive elements, 3% was special minerals, and it had trace amounts of gemstones and industrial crystals. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge)

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